Digital Garden

I recently read Digital Garden and watched this I love the Digital Garden idea. Working on my contents here in this blog for the past few years I saw ups and downs in my writings.

In some months I got so motivated and wrote almost every day. But most of the time I got so slumped I don't want to write anything at all 😂.

I love the idea where the contents of my site are really up to me. I don't need to conform with chronological blog format to display my contents. I can do that format on some parts and in other parts, I can work on other kinds of formats.

This sparks my initial enthusiasm for creating my platform for this site. In the past I used Medium for this site, then I migrate to self-hosted WordPress. I wanted to own my platform and tools. But recently I want more. I want to create this site 'closer to the metal'.

So again I migrated my site to another platform. I statically generate this site using Next.js and write my contents in Markdown.

For this rework, I used the TypeScript blog starter Next.js template and remove some components and styles. So these reworks are almost barebone. I'll modify and experiment with things that I found interesting.

Some of my past posts are broken in this migration. I might tend to them or just let them die out. Let us see how things will go.

I also think about what do I want from this site. I'm not sure if I want this as a personal branding tool, where I showcase my expertise, or maybe just personal notes where I dump things that I learn and progressively add them.

I think I tend to want to use this site as my Progressive Summarization tool. I often worry about my writings, are they polished enough, grammatically corrects, etc. In retrospect, I don't think it matters. I just need to output something. Dump my brain and make this as my second brain or something.

I need to curb my perfectionism and just enjoy creating content here. I also enjoy reading things on so maybe I'll also cross-post some of my posts here over there.

This post, lots of this is unpolished. I also don't know how to end this post. So let's just end this and Learn in Public.