Writing has been one of aspect in my life that I want to be good at. I still have many things I need to learn about and writing skill is one of it. This site has been my personal medium of doing my writing, and this time I reboot it.

My job as a software engineer requires me to read and write a lot. I like these part of my responsibility. However, this also takes a lot of energy away from me for writing.

At the end of the day, my energy to write goes down, and this affects the amount of writing this site produces. I'm still exploring the best way to maintain this site.

There were some writings that I had previously. But after looking into them, I feel that they don't align with me anymore. My aspirations have changed from those I had years ago.

I'm a father and a husband. Family is among the most important things to me. It is crucial that what I do is aligned with what is best for them. I'm trying to become healthier for them, for example.

I am tracking down career opportunities where I can work on challenging projects with high-impact. My responsibilities limit me on this endeavor. Not only that, but I'm still trying to figure this out.

I also want to think more about how to best educate my children. I hope to match what my wife and I value with what my children are passionate and good at. Likewise, I'm also trying to figure out how to approach this.

I think writing these things down would help me reach them better than just thinking about them. And, in an effort to encourage me to write, I have restarted this site.