The Journey Begins

Thank you for joining me. This blog will be containing my personal notes on WordPress development (Plugin and Themes). This will comprise of best practices I had learned and implemented in my works, tools that I used, etc.

Actually, I already have physical notes that I wrote in my own notebook. But as time goes on I think I need to put them online. My notes are messy and have low readability. By putting them online I need to edit them for the general audiences. This in effect will make me think about what I am writing and the contents more. Hopefully, this can crystallize my own understanding (and probably other readers).

These notes, however, are my own personal practice. The official guidelines in WordPress Codex would be much more detailed and serve general audiences better. Some of my notes would probably not suit other developers. Some others might find pointers for their works.

Nevertheless, I hope I can take my writing skill up a notch with this blog.

The first thing to set up before we delve into programming in WordPress is the environment. I am using a Macbook so my examples will be tailored more for Mac users in this post. The tools, however, are cross platforms so if you want to use it in Windows, Linux, or something else you can find the respective tutorials easily.

After (or while) setting-up the environment I will delve into practices in WordPress development. So let's begin.