Indra Lukmana

Hi, I'm Indra. Welcome to my Digital Garden. I'm a frontend strong fullstack JavaScript developer.

Here I write things that I learn, thoughts on programming and live in general.

Permulaan di 2021

Regular Expressions Note 3: Match zero character or more times and lazy matching

Regular Expressions Note 2: match a group of characters, character negation, and at least one occurance

Regular Expressions Note 1: or logic pipe, wildcard, i flag, g flag

Next.js Note: Removing console logs on production

Typescript Note: ReturnType

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Digital Garden

React Native ScrollView Keyboard

React Hooks: Data Fetching on Component Mount with useEffect

React Hooks: Manual Data Fetching and useState

React Hooks: useEffect

React Hooks: useState

Parallel Fetch Requests using Promise.all()

JavaScript Truthy and Falsy

JavaScript Fetch

ES6 Basics: Arrow Function Expression

ES6 Basics: var, const, and let

React Stateless Functional Component

React: Constructor Bind vs Class Properties

Enqueuing Block in WordPress Gutenberg

WordPress Child Theme

Experimenting with Babel 7 in Webpack

JavaScript: `this` in Arrow Function and Regular Function

WordPress Security: OWASP 2017 - A4 XML External Entities (XXE)

WordPress Security: OWASP 2017 - A3 Sensitive Data Exposure

WordPress Security: OWASP 2017 – A2 Broken Authentication

WordPress Security: OWASP 2017 - A1 Injection

WordPress Plugin Performance: Profiling using Xdebug and Webgrind

WordPress Plugin Security: Preventing SQL Injection

Chrome DevTools: Empty Cache and Hard Reload

WordPress Plugin Security: Prevent Directory Listing

WordPress Plugin Security: Preventing Direct Access

WordPress Plugin Security: Nonces

WordPress Plugin Security: Sanitizing Output

WordPress Plugin Security: Sanitazing Input

WordPress Plugin Security: Data Validation

WordPress Plugin Security: User Capabilities

WordPress Dev Environment: VSCode - Code Completion and Debugging

WordPress Dev Environment:​ Local Server

WordPress Dev Environment: Xdebug

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